Thursday, November 27, 2008

First international travel - China& Hong Kong

My first travel outside the country was in 1998.
I went to China and Hong Kong courtesy of mom's funding.

Mom is an avid traveler.
When my siblings and I were still young, mom decided to alternately bring each of us to travel with her.
Mom brought my eldest brother to Singapore.
Then my second elder brother had his first travel to Taiwan.
I was supposed to be the third but mom said, I have been traveling (on my own) lots compared to my other siblings. So she decided to take my youngest brother first.

Fortunately, my kid brother did not want to go.
Mom had reserved his place so by not going, it means there was one empty seat in the flight. So yours truly finally made her way outside Malaysia for the first time in her life.

I could not remember much about my travel besides those in the pictures. Probably because it was my first time and I did not now what to expect of this first international travel besides just seeing other people place. Some more, the itineraries were all according to the tour company and everything seemed to be in a hurry. We went to places according to what was listed in our itinerary.

So, basically, I can just share pictures (with some copied info from wiki) of my visit there.
Not so much on explaining cos I don't remember much details about the place we visited.

great wall
Proud to say, I've conquered Great Wall of China! Well, 1 km of the eight thousand plus kilometers long lah. Hey, we weren't there for a marathon, right?

Forbidden City
Forbidden City, the Chinese imperial palace from the Ming Dynasty to the end of the Qing Dynasty. It has been declared World Heritage Site in 1987 and is listed by UNESCO as the largest collection of preserved ancient wooden structures in the world.

On the left, with my mom behind Shanghai prominent towers, the Oriental Pearl Tower and the Jin Mau Tower. The Shanghai World Financial Center which is said to be the second tallest building in the world was still on construction at that time.
Top right picture was at some palaces in Shanghai while bottom right was at the mini Forbidden City which is an acting site for movie filming.

tea tour
One of our itineraries was Tea Tour. We were educated on the importance of tea to the Chinese people and the country, taught us the process of drying and brewing tea as well as having our hands on plucking actual tea leaves at the tea plantation.

Yang Tze Kiang River
Stood on a bridge that built across the third longest river in the world, Yangtze River.

Bicycles are still the widely used transportation in China.

Group picture at the Tiananmen Square, Beijing.

little peng you
At the silk making factory. The boy was the youngest member in our tour group and I was the second youngest. So, you can understand why we clicked so much. :)

Hong Kong
Our tour package includes a stop over at Hong Kong for a night. We were brought to Victoria Peak (top picture). It is a major tourist attraction which offers views over central Hong Kong, Victoria Harbour, and the surrounding islands. I have always been a fan of amusement park. So when the tour guide told us that we would be going to Ocean Park, my eyes lit up and the kid in me came out from its darkest closet. It was week day, so not many people patronized the place. But the joy was on me cos I didn't have to queue long. During night time, we braved ourselves to follow the underground tunnel (I could not recall what's the name of the tunnel) to go to the night market. I was told it was the best night market there was in Hong Kong at that time. Forgot the name of the night market though.

So, that's about it on my first international travel.
China has been a wonderful place to visit but Hong Kong is one place that I long to be back again.

One day...

Travel it is...

I have been posting few rants in here since I started this blog to which I had them deleted.
But, I guess, too much of a personal blog is not that appealing to me.
It has been let dormant for almost two years now.
But throughout, I keep thinking of what kind of blog should I be getting serious with this one.

I am just a week before my Manila vacation. Thinking about it leads me to memories of my past vacations.
I have not been to many places yet but I did go to places since I could remember.

My first vacation on an air plane was going t Kuala Lumpur and Penang.
I was 12 and had just finished my UPSR exam.
It was sort of like my present for doing well in exam from my parents.

The second time I went outside Sabah was in 1993.
I was 15 and again I was in this group of girls, traveling under the sponsorship of one political party to Kuala Lumpur. Since then, I go to Peninsular Malaysia once a year. Thanks to my involvement in school activities and Karate, I got to travel every year, for free.

Well, for a girl who comes from a low-income family, traveling to big city like Kuala Lumpur is like a luxury to me. It never occurred to my mind back then that I will want to travel more in the future.
However, a mole changed my mind.

I have two small moles on my right foot and another one on the left side.

I could not recall who was this lady but she was the one who told me that I am gonna be going places. Of course, to which my mom agreed cos I was such a 'walkative' girl during my teenage years.
She said, I will travel to places away from my hometown.
Because, the moles on my foot means I am a person who likes to be away from home. I love the idea of that, it sticks to me until today. I believe traveling will become part of the colors that brighten my life.
So far, it has. :)

So, this is a blog to document my travel experience to everywhere - be it domestic or international travels.
I am also hoping that this travel blog will help in terms of information and guides to those who intend to go to places that I have been.