Thursday, November 27, 2008

Travel it is...

I have been posting few rants in here since I started this blog to which I had them deleted.
But, I guess, too much of a personal blog is not that appealing to me.
It has been let dormant for almost two years now.
But throughout, I keep thinking of what kind of blog should I be getting serious with this one.

I am just a week before my Manila vacation. Thinking about it leads me to memories of my past vacations.
I have not been to many places yet but I did go to places since I could remember.

My first vacation on an air plane was going t Kuala Lumpur and Penang.
I was 12 and had just finished my UPSR exam.
It was sort of like my present for doing well in exam from my parents.

The second time I went outside Sabah was in 1993.
I was 15 and again I was in this group of girls, traveling under the sponsorship of one political party to Kuala Lumpur. Since then, I go to Peninsular Malaysia once a year. Thanks to my involvement in school activities and Karate, I got to travel every year, for free.

Well, for a girl who comes from a low-income family, traveling to big city like Kuala Lumpur is like a luxury to me. It never occurred to my mind back then that I will want to travel more in the future.
However, a mole changed my mind.

I have two small moles on my right foot and another one on the left side.

I could not recall who was this lady but she was the one who told me that I am gonna be going places. Of course, to which my mom agreed cos I was such a 'walkative' girl during my teenage years.
She said, I will travel to places away from my hometown.
Because, the moles on my foot means I am a person who likes to be away from home. I love the idea of that, it sticks to me until today. I believe traveling will become part of the colors that brighten my life.
So far, it has. :)

So, this is a blog to document my travel experience to everywhere - be it domestic or international travels.
I am also hoping that this travel blog will help in terms of information and guides to those who intend to go to places that I have been.



  1. Yup kinda betul juga abt mole yg d kaki dat tu Carol. I got 2 moles d kaki kanan sa..

  2. Hehehe...ketara kita jenis penjalan oh kan. Imagine bah kalau yg baaaanyak moles di kaki. :D


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