Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sawadeeka Bangkok! - Day One

Since my last international trip, which was in 1998, I have never been out of Malaysia. My passport expired with only one international travel. The rest of the pages were filled with stamp chops during my in and out from the Sarawak state on study purpose. But I have always known deep in my heart that I will be utilizing my passport more in the future. So, when Leanne asked if I am interested to go to Bangkok, the word 'No' stood no chance to come up on my vocabulary book. Yes, I agreed to go. That was in August 2007.

I tagged along my SIL and her family for this trip. Alvin didn't come since he could not get leave for he has important event to be dealt with in that time frame. Flight ticket was booked about two months in advance. The rest of the itineraries was handled by SIL.

The trip was a 4D3N stay but boy we really had fun filled vacation. Thanks to my SIL who is brilliant with online search and planning. All I needed to do was get my moolah ready to pay her for whatever that she had planned.

So, our 'house' for the whole stay was at Baiyoke Sky hotel.
It's known to be the tallest building in Thailand. The lobby of the hotel is located on 17th floor (if I'm not mistaken) as opposed to the usual ground floor hotel lobby.
I shared room with my nephew while my SIL, hubby and little niece had the other room. I had the magnificent view of Bangkok early in the morning from our room.
bangkok morning

We arrived in Bangkok slightly before noon so we decided to hit for lunch first. As soon as we had settled down with our room, our tour guide (I forgot his name) lead us to the nearest food court. Having been told that once you are in Thailand, the first thing you have to try is the Tom Yam Goong, yours truly had her first authentic Tom Yam Goong on her very first meal on the first day in Bangkok. I forgot to take picture of my meal but enough to tell you that it was deadly delicious. :)

Our first stop was at this temple that locates the biggest gold Buddha statue in Bangkok. I wasn't keen on looking at those but it sure was a great thing to learn the history. Too bad that I've deleted my Multiply account which stored all my Bangkok detailed travel and stories.
gold buddha

gold paper buddhas

gold paper buddhas2

Then, our tour guide brought us to this small temple situated alongside the busy street of Bangkok. According to him, there are a lot of small temples built especially near to an established buildings i.e. hotels, banks with the purpose to protect the building from any threats. This one that we visited,they even had a dance ritual performed. Only when we visited, they have just finished their round and was on break.

street temple

Most people in Bangkok as well as tourists would come to that ground to offer prayers to the Buddha. There is a specific ritual that one have to do in order to offer prayers/wishes. If your prayer/wish is granted, then another visit to the ground must be made to offer thanksgiving. Or so our tour guide said.

That's the end of my Bangkok Day One. Next day stop was Dumnoen Saduak Floating Market.

Stay tune!


  1. Thanks Cath...masa sia pigi visit ni tempat, masi pakai compact cam lagi ni. Tapi ada Photoshop, jadi buli lah kasi cantik2 lagi tu gambar suma :)


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