Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aramaitii in Perth

We went on for wine tasting tour on Day Two in Perth. We found the tour company, Pink Bus Tours, from a brochure collected at Perth City Tourist Centre on our City Familiarization day. Despite being bit pricey, it was worth it and VERY enjoyable. Not forgetting, tipsy.

I remember hearing one of our winery hosts asking us...

"How long have you been in Perth?" he asked.

"This is our second day. Arrived here yesterday morning," the hubby replied.

"Aaah, only the second day and already you guys are on for wine tour," he replied back with a cheeky smile.

Obviously, he must be thinking we are one party animal couple who loves drinking so much that we ended up having wine tour on our second day in Perth when we have 10 freakin' long days there. Ha!

But really, the tour was awesome. We bought the full day 'Taste it All' package at AUD119 per pax and as the name given, we traveled on a HOT PINK bus drove by a lovely lady cum our tour guide, Rebecca. She's just excellent!

NOTE: Lots of pictures ahead!

The first winery we went, Waters Edge Winery. It is built in 1829 and is the oldest underground wine cellar in Western Australia.

Newly grown grape vine. The Winter season has just passed and early Spring is here. Now is the best time to start growing grapes again.

This winery is over looking the Swan Valley river.

With the main building at the back.

At the front entrance of Waters Edge Winery

Our host prepared about 12 bottles of different type of wines for us to sample. I have the inkling that our host was already tipsy when he hosted us. LOL!

Aramai tii session one.

Gluttony just got over me.


Heading to the second winery.

At Castle Lion, a winery that produce organic wines.

The interior of Castle Lion.

Our host, explaining us about organic wines produced at their winery.

And this was the best part of it!

To the coffee factory for coffee sampling.

Coffee sample is served in a tiny Chinese tea cup. Cute.

Honestly, they are just as tasty and aromatic as our Kopi Tenom. No biggy.

For those who is caffeine-concern, here's an alternative for you - Chai Latte, a flavored type coffee.

Some of the gifts and merchandise that are sold there.

Behind are rows and rows of grape vines at Yahava Coffee Works.

Our next stop was at Cape Lavender where we were served with lavender infused tea, scones, jam and cream. This is my first time seeing lavender flower. They are just starting to bloom.

Lavender flower

Saw some Cherry Blossom trees there as well.

Lavender infused scones, jam and cream, served with Lavender infused tea.


Some gifts and merchandise sold at Cape Lavender.

Before we went for lunch, we stopped by Heafod Glen for the next wine tasting. This winery has won many awards and the owner himself greeted us during the visit. At this point of time, I was already tipsy and couldn't wait to have our lunch to get the food to absorb all the alcohol we sipped from the earlier two wineries.

The owner, Liam who is actually the same age as me!

We head to Edgecombe Brothers restaurant for the next wine tasting cum lunch. The place is an excellent venue to hold a small, intimate garden party and definitely perfect for lunch outing for just friends and family. The view is just spectacular.

Aki, our host explaining us the different type of wines offered at their winery.

I never really had meal with just bread and vegetables before since we Malaysian are so used to our rice staple for meals. I was actually surprised to realize that this meal is indeed filling. Add sparkling white wine in the menu, voila! A happy stomach. By the way, the asparagus here are home-grown and freshly picked daily.

Hand-crafted ice-cream served with Muscat wine for dessert. Heaven!

That's our pink bus before we head to next destination for more tipsy moment. LOL!

After lunch, we went straight to re-fill our alcohol content at Elmar's in the Valley for beer sampling. The one place the guys have been waiting for...

My first having beer in a wine glass. Beer is not my cup of tea though.

Aramai tii!!!

Beer always gets the conversation going. ^__^

During our visit, there's a football match (Aussie Rule Footie) going on and most of the Aussies there were hooked on the match while enjoying their beer.

Finally, our last stop for the day... chocolate factory!!!

Free choco for sampling. If you are one 'buffalo skin', you may have a handful of these, dumped in any plastic or container and bring home.

Chocolates for sale. I am no fan of chocolate. So no, I didn't buy anything from here.

View inside the chocolate shop.

Pretty colorful, them choco.

Before we bid goodbye to Rebecca, we took a group photo with her and the pink bus of course!

And that's a wrap for Day 2.

Our itinerary is as below;

Total expenditure for whole day (alcohol) siesta inclusive of food and transport - AUD119/pax
Go to Pink Bus Tours website for more info or to book online.


  1. When I read "aramaitii", the first thought that goes in my head - "u guys met fellow sabahans and actual tapai there?"

    but of course, WINE! LOL.

    Im not wine person nor coffee, but the chocolates are delectable!

  2. Great postings Carol! Definitely will keep this in mind when we go there in the future

  3. wonderful... I just love all the photos.. the scenery.. :D

  4. Amanda... Hahaha yabah kami aramaitii with wine saja.

    Ala, if only i know u are a choco lover, i could have get one(at least) for you. Punya ramai choco lovers sana tu. Bebaris ni durang mau bili those cute chocolates and candies.

    Jewelle...Thank you. Ya, I really hope this would be useful to future travelers to Perth as well.

    CathJ...Thank you Cath. Yabah, the sceneries sana are just amazing.

  5. Give me coffee and no one gets hurt! Hahaha punya sa jeles kamu 'minum-minum' di sana. I prefer wine over tapai okay! wakakakaka

  6. Daniel... I still think I should have bought that mug. Hns..Hns..Owh yeah, wine it is for me too. Speaking of minum2...that was the first time I've gotten drunk 4 times in just one week.

  7. hahaha i love the chocolate place...cant stop eating the sample...sedap!! ..tidak mabuk ka?


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