Sunday, February 26, 2012

AsiaRooms at your service

It's less than three weeks before my Hong Kong all-girls trip. Initially, we wanted to hire a tour operator for our travel while in HK. You know, save our time planning and thinking where to stay, where to go, what to do and eat. But after much consideration, we decided to plan the trip on our own.

The next step after having our flight tickets confirmed is our place to sleep for 5 nights stay. I've been asking around and thanks to Vera, I have gained much from her info. She recommended that we book our accommodation via AsiaRooms and that is exactly I did.

It's so easy!

After surveying the rates and had thorough info of the hostel that we are going to stay, I made the booking and we are half way to HK!

If some of you have not heard of AsiaRooms, do try to check out on this website the next time you are planning for your overseas trip.



  1. Kami tunggu your story about the trip saja ni. Happy cuti-cuti Hongkong and kirim salam sama Jet Li kalu ko jumpa dia XDXD

    1. Okie dokie! Buli, buli nanti sa tulung kim salam sama dia. Tatap sa jumpa dia tu nanti :D


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