Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sawadeeka Bangkok! - Final Day

Our last day in Bangkok was only spent with last minute shopping. We went back to Pratunam Whole Sale Market to see what we can get at the eleventh hour. This time, all of us trooped together.

The thrill part when entering this market is due to its small alleys and jam-packed small streets. Going in there is like going into clothe-maze. The prices are definitely cheap but of course, expect nothing luxury to the like of Prada, Gucci, etc. However, if you are able to walk through all the small shops, you might find a piece or two that is of good quality and one of its kind.

When we were at the Rose Garden on Day Two, SIL and I saw these range of bags with Kandee-like print on it. They were so beautiful but we were in-decisive about purchasing it since we were in a tourist attraction souvenir shop. We thought the price might have been jacked up. We decided not to buy and made it a point to hunt down for the bags at the whole sale market or other shopping malls. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any of that bag after that.

However, right after our shopping spree at the Pratunam Whole Sale Market, we crossed over to the other side of the road to go to Indra Square. The minute we walked in the building, we spotted THE bag on the first shop we saw. SIL was like, "What? All this while, the bags were actually a walking distance to our hotel!". And that was true. Indra Square is nearby Baiyoke Hotel but we hadn't have the time go around in the earlier days. Bliss was enough to describe our joy seeing those vogue bags. Both SIL and I bought three bags each! Glad we did the last minute shopping for if not, we would not have bumped on those bags ever.

kandee bag2
From smallest to biggest - RM12, RM15, RM18 (or was it 20).

Well, not exactly ever cos I have seen these bags selling when 1Borneo just opened. But then again, the price is more expensive that those we bought in Bangkok.

Went back to the hotel, contented with our last minute purchases, SIL and I decided to head to the reflexology shop which by the way are like mushrooms, scattering around the city. The one that we went offered a 30-45 minutes foot massage for about MYR18. Cheap right? And it was a good one too cos the foot therapist put emphasis on making our experience a pleasant one - not painful.

Before we left the hotel, took the time to ascended the hotel's tower and play around the displays shown around the floor.


Finally, it was time to wave good bye.

Laew phob gan mai (see you again) Bangkok!


  1. First time here. This looks like a cool blog la. When is the third blog coming up ... hehehe ...

  2. SJB...thanks, i am one of kandee fan bah. tulah sia suka tu bag mcm gitu punya print :)

    Nick...Would you believe me if I say I already have created another one long time ago, waiting to be revealed (which i doubt will be soon)? :D

  3. nice, sia nampak ko punya gambar di airport departure hall tu terus se teringat time me and my colleague jumpa imigresen ni...canggih oh censor dia bikin takut ckit mcm criminal saja bah hehehe

  4. hola Kay..

    waaaaa.. itu bags kan menggoda.. hehehehhehehe

  5. Vera...heheh iya, tus mesti mau kasi position your face in front tu camera...mo kena face identification lagi kan?

    Evelyn...Nice aight? :)

    LJ... Menggoda kan? Tapi ada sdh kena jual sini tu. Ko tingu ja tu stall2 sana 1B...ada tu. Tapi lebih mahal :)

  6. Hey nc...thanks for visiting here :)


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