Friday, June 25, 2010

Why Korea?

If you look at my side bar, you will see my Travel Wish List. On it, Korea is on the first list. Now, why Korea you ask?

In my earlier post, I have told you about my mom who is an avid traveler and that she had brought each of us, siblings, to travel. During my final year in Uni, mom went to US and Canada and came back with lots of pictures of her and her middle age lady friends, playing snowball like small kiddos. That was her first snow in 50 years of her life. I asked her, "Are you happy ma? You've been to quite a few places around the globe already" and she replied with a very much contented Yes. And then, I asked her where is the next destination she wanted to go and she answered Japan. Being the optimist person that I was, I told mom to put her Japan on hold so that I could bring her when I start working. She smiled.

Three years upon my graduation, I was nowhere able to finance myself to go Japan, what more to finance mom's expenses. Japan is freaky expensive with capital E! When her friend invited her to go for spring vacation in Japan, mom softly told me, "I couldn't wait for you. Bring me somewhere else later."

For years after that, I was squeezing my brain as to where shall I bring mom for vacation. I wanted to bring her to Land Down Under but I just couldn't put my finance up for it. I wanted to bring her to any of the South East Asia countries but she had been to half of the listed countries while the other half... she just isn't keen to go. With the budget I have set in mind, I couldn't come up with a better destination. Not until mom popped the solution herself. Korea.

She wants to go to Korea but hasn't have any of her friends wanting to head to that Winter Sonata Land.

But I wasn't into Korea. At least I have not thought of listing it in my travel wish list for the next 3 years. But hey, look at how it turned out to be... Korea is actually my next travel destination after our Perth vacation this coming September. This year alone, two of my friends went to Korea and some others are plotting Korea as their next travel destination. There must be something about Korea that make people want to go there... and that is for me to find out.

Mom and I, we are so gonna do Korea! God's willing.


  1. Wow best oo kan :) kris pun janji suda mau bw sya p korea ;) dia pernah praktikal sana 3 bulan n he's so addicted to korea :) huahua :) ohya, kris said service means free :) so kalu ada waiter/waitress ckp 'service'2 ambik ja..hahahah :D

  2. Wah Nad, kira ok sdh tu at least si kris tau2 sdh mana2 mo pigi kalau di korea.
    oyakah, service means free. bah tenkiu for the tips kio!

  3. Congrats on the new blog, chegu! Me loves :D

    I love South Korea... I hope to visit Korea one fine day. *fingers' crossed*

    Happy weekend Carol!

  4. Nessa! Thanks for leaving foot prints here :)

    Ya, i hope nothing go against this plan again.

  5. most of the people that i know who wants to go to korea are influenced by korean movies...i've been to taipei so yg lain tu nanti nanti ka..if ada peluang meu juga play snow di korea hehe..btw,perth tidak lama lagi..u must be excited..go wine tasting banyak banyak k..

  6. Saya dengar korea macam japan juga bah kan?. E saya pun mahu pigi korea or japan lah. Itu pun kalau ada duit hehehe.

  7. Moi, ramai orang kestau saya shopping di Korea boleh gila.. saya pun mau pigi la kalau macam tu.. hehehe... but of course sight seeing pun boleh consider juga,

  8. Dena...I am very excited about Perth. Alvin's been doing the surveying for places of interest for us to visit during our 9 days there. :D

    SJB... Errr itu sa tidak sure la...i guess org2 dia mcm japan la but in terms of fashion, i guess japan lagi fashionista.

    Mimi...Yakah? Wahhh didn't know that. In my mind, mau pigi sight seeing saja ni hehe

  9. Sa pun mau pigi Korea! Tapi mau tinguk $ juga ni.. Haha!

  10. korea will be my next list $$$ first..i guess we have almost the same 'mother', avid traveller, jalan saja karaja mother is going to India next week for 2 weeks...she stayed in Japan before for 3 years. And it is freaking expensive. When I was in Uni, I got the offer to go to Japan for student exchange with the condition, I must be able to finance myself 50 percent from the total expenses...crazy, i turned down the offer, no money orang bilang. lol.

  11. Annie...Bah jom! :)

    Eric... Yabah, jaaaaaalan saja. But then, they are at the age yg memang patut enjoy themselves. India, cool. An interesting country to visit too tapi kalau mom sa tu...dia kureng berminat. She's more into oriental kunu...

    If only you were being fully sponsored, gerenti sekarang ko speaking Japanese mcm air saja tu kan eric hehehe


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