Friday, July 09, 2010

Sunrise in Kuala Penyu

I have to post our trip to Kuala Penyu although it has been two years since we went there. I just thought this gem must be revealed.

We went there to attend hubby's colleague's wedding. Our memories of Kuala Penyu was vague since we haven't been to Kuala Penyu for more than 10 years (I guess). So we decided to stay there for one night. Just to see what Kuala Penyu has in store for us.

We went there via the Beaufort road from Kota Kinabalu. The journey took us roughly about 2 hours. There are two routes to reach Kuala Penyu. We took the one that required us to board a ferry.



Welcome to Sawangan Beach!

We stayed at Sawangan Beach Lodge which is owned by a very friendly local couple, Mr & Mrs Migin.
When we were there, we could only see two chalets provided. However, I found this site that belongs to Sawangan Beach Lodge and they have a 'bungalow' now, besides the two chalets. Great!

Our hut that is called 'Mel'. :)

The sea shells decoration on the bathroom wall was done by the owner herself, an art enthusiast. In fact, there were two lovely paintings that hung on the bedroom wall were painted by her. By the way, Mrs Migin's name is Victoria Kouju. Those from Penampang might know her well. :)

Well equipped for a small hut, on an isolated area I must say.
Mosquito net, fan as well as an air-conditioner.

Sawangan beach has not been well-developed into a tourism area. Yet. Only a certain few and of course the Kuala Penyu people know about this place. Not many come here other than the anglers or school goers doing their camping activity or those aiming for quiet and tranquil stay, out from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, if you are here for the right purpose, you will definitely enjoy what Sawangan beach has to offer.
The Sawangan beach jetty is, in my opinion, makes this beach unique from the rest. Its long straight wooden planks stretched to about 500metres (or maybe more) long towards the sea. A perfect venue for catching up the sun rise like just we did when we were there.

While we were enjoying sun rise, we noticed a freshly-dead squid that measure as long as my hand; from the tip of my longest finger to the wrist. I have not seen a squid that big so yeah, I got myself taking picture with it.
As to how it could got onto the jetty from the sea, that is still a mystery to us.

Thank goodness for timer setting on our camera, we could take picture together at the Sawangan jetty.

Going back, we followed the same route. This time, we lingered a little while more and played silly with just about anything there, including this one below. :)

If you are thinking to do pre-wedding photos and want something different, this might be a good destination to go. Just make sure you have made reservation to Sawangan Beach Lodge so that your stay there would not be as miserable as you think.


  1. I've been to KP several times but never thought of staying for the night cos mcm teda yg sepcial ni (sorry ah org KP!)...But looking at your photos, I'd probably change my mind the next time I visit.

    Gorgeous pics btw. Every time I see your pics, I'd tell hubby "Eee..siok oh si kay, hari2 buli berposing dapan camera" :)

  2. yeah, i've been there too but mcm teda pa2 definitely is a gem!

  3. Liz and Manda...definitely a sleepy town. We didn't roam around the town cos nothing much to see unless we wana sight seeing sana tamu la. For dinner, we tot of having dinner at the coffe shop sana...sekali we went there almost 7pm, satu kedai kupi pun tiada buka. we had to buy snacks, buns, maggie to bring back to our chalet to eat.

    Liz..glad that u enjoy the pictures as much as I do :)

  4. Wow bestnya..last year we went to KP but we found nothing interesting there.. later must go and ask people who knows KP better to take us :) btw, great hair :) i'm too afraid to have that kind of fringe ..huhu..

  5. hola Kay..

    i like tis post!
    nway, i do like ur hair cut especially d 1 when u pulled the chains.. hihihi

  6. Nad..memang nothing much to see there. Tapi if u wana seek tranquil surroundings, pigi lah sana Sawangan beach...memang rasa macam isolated betul ni. thanks for the hair compliment...first time sa potong rambut ala cleopatra

    LJ...Thanks! Bah, come here often and share2 travel tips juga hehehe

  7. Saya belum pernah pigi lagi Kuala Penyu oh. Maybe next time hehehe.

  8. is the beach there good for swimming and snorkeling?

  9. The most amazing place in Sabah..Stayed there for several month 4 years ago and experienced the best in service, hospitality, food, and support in organisation of outings. And Vicky even being the most perfect nurse taking care of me, when I had a terrible motorbike accident. Most highly recommended..!! (Raaman Andreas)


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