Sunday, July 04, 2010

Away on high land

This was our second family trip in December 2008. After Kudat in 2007, I thought it's best to go to Ranau this time. So off we went there for a night stay.

Our brief itineraries:

Travel date: 22nd December - 23rd December 2008
Transport : Own - 2 vehicles to accommodate 8 people including two children.
It was a two and half hour drive from Kota Kinabalu to Kundasang.

Stayed at : Mount Kinabalu Heritage hotel (formerly known as Perkasa Hotel Kundasang)

First Day:
We arrived at Poring Hot Spring before noon time, about 3 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu.
Since it was weekend, the place was packed with locals as well as tourist.
All wanting to shower themselves in the famous Sulfur water, the hot spring, the natural hot water that come from under ground. We managed to earn two bath tubs and soaked ourselves inside the warm water while waiting for the rain to stop pouring.
I even managed to dip inside the freezing Rock Pool water. Not long, just enough to wet myself before i turned to the more comfy warm bath tub water


The Poring bamboo, commonly found here. Hence the name of the place, Poring.

Walking to the hot water site.


River stream that looked so tempting to splash in.

The source of the natural hot water. It is believed that you can actually boil egg here by just drowning it in the water. Of course, for hygiene purpose, they do not allow it there.

Japanese tourist enjoying their tea while soaking their feet in the warm sulphur water.

Three people inside, the max. :)

Hungry stomachs after the hot water bath.

Our hotel room. Recently refurbished with free wifi.

Final Day:
After having our complimentary breakfast at the hotel, checked out and straight to Kundasang War Memorial site. It is located just across the road after descending from Mt Kinabalu Heritage hotel.

The entrance to the War Memorial.

The reason it was built.

Pictures of soldiers who have died during the marches from Sandakan to Ranau were placed nicely by family members who visited on annual basis.


Tending to the garden.

One part of the garden.

A very catchy signage at the entrance of one of the garden. Very Sabahan. :)


Overlooking Kundasang valley.

On our way back. Since it was month of December, local traders took the opportunity to sell Poinsettia flowers at RM12 per pot and above depending on pot sizes.

Although it was just a one night trip, we enjoyed it  nonetheless. Hubby and I are planning to visit Ranau again to specifically visit the tea garden in Kundasang.


  1. wow! i forgot how beautiful our own land is...

  2. There's more to explore if we are willing to go deeper i guess. Ive heard so many beautiful stories about Lembah Danum, Gomantong Cave etc tapi dunno when akan pigi.

  3. Kau tahu, tidak pulak saya tahu di Sabah ada jual Poinsettia flowers. Huhu bikin malu oh kan?. Anyway, suka saya tengok semua ni gambar. Tu hari kami pigi poring tidak pulak kami terpigi di kundasang War Memorial. Menyesal juga oh. Tidak apa lah, lain kali saja lah kan?.

  4. Iya, sana Kundasang tu banyak tu kena jual. Kalau time2 Christmas actually byk juga boleh cari sana Gaya Street. Tapi from what I heard, yg itu dlm pasu actually kena potong dari pokok dia yang besar. Jadi bila kita beli, kalau tida kasi pindah pigi tanah, selalunya tidak mau jadi tu bunga. Kalau jadi pun, belum tentu tu daun dia mau jadi merah. 3 kali sdh sia beli POinsettia time Christmas, satu pun tida pernah jadi ni...ntah lah, tangan sia bukan green fingers maybe hehehe

  5. sia mo pigi Kundasang lagi!! Sia suka all your fotos... very the clear :D

  6. Thank you Nessa! Next up will be my Manila vacay... hope you will enjoy them too!

  7. hahaahha... funny sign on the grass... ngam juga bah tu hihihi

  8. Iya, tulah tu Cath. Sangat melambangkan keSabahan betul kan? :)


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