Friday, August 06, 2010

Two things checked!

It is less than a month away from our Perth vacation! And I am so excited about it. Hubby has been browsing a lot of sites to check for places of interest for us to go while there. There are quite a number of places that I wish to go if our budget permits.

Some of these place i found from Kenny Sia's must-go places in Perth.

Perth City, Fremantle, Swan Valley, Margaret River, Wave Rock, Pinnacles Desert and Caversham Wildlife Park

And we have ticked two list out of things to prepare before leave for Perth.

Place to stay - The Witchs Hat Backpacker; AU$35/person/night x 2 pac x 9 nights = AU$630.00 (10% deposit and amount due payable during check-in)

Visa - MYR35/person x 2 pax = MYR60.00 (bought at travel agent office)


While hubby does the searching for places to go, yours truly on the other side has done what every girl knows best. Clothes hunting! Since it's expected to have rather cold weather during our visit (below 17 degree celcius), I might need a good jumper or leather jacket or perhaps a trench coat. But I think, a good jacket pair with Pashmina should do just nice. I wanted to get a leather jacket but the ones that I spotted was kinda pricey and gonna burn hole in my pocket. Fortunately, the mannequins at MNG were waving at me to come in. Voila! I got my jacket there! So make that 3 list ticked.


We haven't get around to go to change our Ringgit to Australian Dollars. Well, to quote the hubby; "we can always go the weekend before we leave for Perth". I hope by that time the Forex is just good enough for our barely 5K budget.


  1. hola Kay..

    uwaaaaaa... i jeles. i jeles.
    uwaaaaaa... mo ikut. mo ikut.

    d backpacker not so bad.
    mine was NZD18-NZD22. hehheheh..
    enjoy ur trip ahhh... jan lupa a postcard n fridge magnet for me.

    lawa itu jacket!
    amik gambar baaaaaaaaaaaaanyaaaaaaaaaaaaaak

  2. least you've landed ur feet at down under before bah.

    wokay..fridge magnet and postcard noted. itu keychain2 koala ko tia mau? hahaha...i bet banyak sdh ko ada tu kan?

  3. Carol.......wah that jacket is sooo gorgeous.....enjoy the food sana ah....all yummy....must go to Hillary's Beach also, and Cotesloe Beach.....

    places to go :
    1.Perth City (pg shopping,make sure pg sana tu yg ada buat candy tu,and London Court-small street,can walk to St Mary Cathedral)
    2. King's Park
    3. Fremantle (they have yummy seafood,fish n chips at Cicerellos AND MUST TRY the beer and kangaroo satay at Little Creatures..very nice)
    ->and of course the Fremantle Market
    3. Swan Valley
    4. Margaret River
    5. Wave Rock
    6. Pinnacles Desert (panas sini ni) and u can go for the white-sand-boarding at Lancelin
    7. Caversham Wildlife Park [MUST]..feed the kangaroo

    most important thing is ENJOY all the food there ya. Have fun.

  4. psssttt....if want to change the RM to $,one of the good rate offered di sana dekat Sugar Bun KK tu....quite cheap :-) but they usually cepat habis tu Aus $,so have to get sikit2 dulu..hehehe

  5. Josie!! Thanks very much for the info of places to go. Very much appreciated. Hopefully we could get to these places with our budget la heheh

    And yes, thanks to for the info on where to change OZ currency. Gotta track down itu Forex movement dulu...macam bearish dia this few days.

  6. Eik, I put a comment, hilang ka? hehehe.. Anyway, I was saying how nice your jacket looks and how you can layer if it gets too cold.. And don't change money at the last minute, they always run out.

  7. Err I guess so lah Mi...connection interrupted kali.

    Thanks, I thought so too that I'd be able to layer it if the weather gets too unbearable.
    Bah, will heed your advice on the money changing matter. Takut juga kehabisan ni...

  8. E tidak lama lagi. Best lah.

  9. wah so many places you wana go? how long you be there? margaret river is quite far, half day journey,and half day balik but nice,peacefull place. try stay in caravan- didnt manage to try my cuz said nice. in margaret river go to berry's farm to buy their homemade jams- so sedap.can test lagi tu,and wine testing.caversham park is in swan valley area- can finish in 2 hours quite small unless you want to take picture of all the animals haha- while there go to chocolate factory eat free choc, nougat factory and sample free wine- buy ELEMENT sedap! so many winery, if you go all, you sure mabuk..enjoy perth!!! kirim salam sama perth ya.

  10. Perth will always be a special place for gives me Dhanesh through a dream.I wish you all the best and bring another Dhanesh when you come home..wink


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