Monday, August 23, 2010

It's getting there

Oh my, it's 10 days to our Perth vacay.
The excitement is heightened day by day.
Sorry that you have to read my overjoy babble of this vacation. I just can't hold it. This is my first time visiting an English speaking country and somehow it feels totally different from my previous international travels.

We have got our money changed into OZ dollar. Quite a few money changer counters we went were run out of Australian currency. The one that offered lowest rate was definitely out of stock of that particular currency. So we just settled to one that's almost lower but not quite.

I've made a list.
A list of names of people that will be getting at least a fridge magnet from me!
We are traveling on a strict budget. So yeah, I can't afford to get you expensive souvenir. Expect fridge magnet and most probably that cute familiar little koala/kangaroo key chain.

I am yet to apply for leave since we are flying two days before the school breaks. But, that's the least that I'm gonna worry about. Basically, I've settled the important must-do lists for Perth. So yeah, I can't wait!


  1. OMG is that my name!!!!!!!

    btw i just out bout this blog.. u do have few dont you lolz

  2. wahh siok oh kamurang nie chegu...hv fun ah..heard the ozzie summer sales is on...

  3. Louis...yep, thats you! since u said u're collecting too. well, might as well get you in the list ^_^

    i have three blogs in total actually hehe

    Aunty J... Ermm, from what I know it's gonna be early Spring in Perth the time we all pigi nanti. So, im not so sure about summer sales. Btw, hubby's been warning me about not getting too excited on ANY sales. Takut tia cukup budget hehehe

  4. Have fun Chegu... Dont let the thought of you can win a boxing match with a kangaroo cross your mind! HAHA. Say hi to everyone there... especially if you saw Nicole Kidman!

  5. aug/sept is definitely spring time- the best time to visit australia..summer is hot.we were there last oct, still sejuk so ok..sometimes unpredictable also the weather there. im excited for you.your wetbag i post? with me sudah

  6. OMG!! My name is in the list! seriously didn't expect this kay... aawwwww, so sweet! .. Am soooo excited for you already..

    Have fun in Perth yea?

  7. Yeay! My name is on the list.. hehehe.. Have fun!

  8. Daniel...You know, you have just given me an idea! Ha! Nicole Kidman aye? Yg Nicole Kidman wanabe pun buli juga ba kan? hehe

    Deana E...Ya, that's why I am all ready with my jacket and shawl. If not enough, kasi layer2 lagi. I contact you this weekend ok?

    Dee Loner...Yes you are in definitely. It's a belated wedding gift (albeit small) remember? :)

    Mimi...Yes, of course you too moi. :)

  9. hola Kay..

    fuhhhhh.. OZ dollars.
    mine note of AUD10 n few coins as souvenir to myself.

    enjoy ur trip ahh..
    me not in list ka?? hihihhi

  10. Uii ada bah utk ko LJ...dun worry. ko punya kan ada post card some more hehe

  11. Paling bagus jangna tukar tu money si airport or tempat pelancong pigi hehehe coz, for sure dorang minta tinggi tu.

    Anyway, have fun :D.

  12. Oh thanks for the tips SJB. Kalau buli kami try tida mau tukar duit di Perth. Biar bawa dr KK and kasi habis terus di sana saja.



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