Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A day with them roos, koalas and wombat

It's never complete to visit any of the Australian states without meeting the kangaroos, koalas, wombat and the Tasmanian Devil or commonly known as tazzie. So yeah, I made it a point in our to-do list while in Perth to visit them. And I specifically want to see them not at just any normal zoo but at their enclosures, at Caversham Wildlife Park at Whiteman Park. I know for a fact that visiting these animals at a normal zoo won't guarantee me to be able to get close up and personal with them. You know, zoos and their iron/glass cage.

We started moving around 9'ish, earlier than usual because we need to follow two buses to get to that place. We started off from James St (in front for the State Museum) and hopped onto bus No.60 to Morley Station. Actually, you can hop to any buses that stops at Morley Station. We found out that later when we saw a few buses that passed by us were all stopping at Morley Station. At Morley, we waited for bus No.336 to go to Ellenbrook. Whiteman Park is along the way to Ellenbrook so be sure to let the driver know that you're gonna off at Whiteman Park so that you don't have to anxiously looking for Whiteman Park sign board to press the button for the bus to stop.

In Malaysia, even with that signage, most people would just ignore it.

Sharing biscuit crumbs with this lil birdie.

At the Whiteman Park huge sign board at the main road.

Thia particular plant is EVERY WHERE in Western Australia. Hubby said it is called the Black Boy. No idea why. Probably because its trunk is black in color.

When we arrived at Whiteman Park, little did we know that in order to get to the Caversham Wildlife Park, it is another 2.5km distance from the main entrance. There's an intercom at the entrance to page the admin in charge if you need transportation to fetch you at the entrance to go insde. But, thinking it'd be best to walk to enjoy the scenery...so yeah, we walked a total distance of 2.5km to the wildlife park. But it was worth it. The scenery along the way was simply breath taking. Of course we felt our legs sore but it wasn't really that tiring since the weather was kinda cool with the sun shone brightly in between the thick and dark clouds that hovered above our head. Our only fear was that it would rain but luckily it didn't rain while we walked.
The main entrance to Whiteman Park.

Looks quite isolated this place. What can I expect? It's a wildlife park for goodness sake.

Cape weed flowers every where forming like field of gold meadow.

Some pretty wild blooms we saw along the way.

Finally, Caversham!

Breakfast before meeting them animals!

Colorful budgie and one cool 'rocka' cockatoo..


A long way to go for my Egypt trip, so the camels here can pretty much do...

A Llama and Terense the turkey.

Wombat is cute! But unfortunately ain't as huggable as koala and the roos.

Here we go! Them roos! Aren't they adorable?

Their fur is surprisingly soft. I bet, if they are well-bathed, many would love to hug them.

We were indeed very lucky that day cos the koalas were up and awake for their feeding time. Even managed to see mommy koala and its baby on its back. Cuteness!

We've touched a real koala! Period.

And this is the devilish Tasmanian Devil although I don't think it is that scary. Hubby overheard a visitor next to us saying, "Now, that's a look only a mother could love!" LOL. It is only about the size of a grown up cat. However, it does produces sound that would be quite eerie especially at night.

We have basically covered all 'Only in Australia' animals. So we are pretty contented and were not bothered to go for the Farm Show which covered activities like sheep shearing, whip cracking and lamb feeding. We ended our tour around 4 p.m. and headed back to Perth City. Don't worry if you find it a long wait for the bus to arrive. The bus will come.

And that's a wrap on our hunt for authentic Australian animals.

Day 6 Itinerary

  • Bus ticket (Perth St - Morley St - Whiteman Park :2 zones) AUD3.70 per pax last for 2 hours. (you can hop to any bus using the same ticket so long the destination is within 2 zones and not exceeding the 2 hours period)
  • Entrance fee to Caversham Wildlife Park AUD22.00 per pax.
  • Breakfast (refer photo above) - approximately AUD15 for two.
  • Bus ticket (Whiteman Park - Morley St - Perth St: 2 zones) AUD3.70 per pax last for 2 hours.
  • Dinner Roast Take Away at Old Shanghai, Northbridge AUD14.00, Maggie noodle AUD1.95 per cup.


  1. O wow. This place really is great. You two were lucky to get your hands on the koala. It's someth that probably don't get to do anywhere else. At least I know where to go when I comes down to Perth. Insya-God. :-)

  2. Yabah Jipp, we were indeed fortunate to have the koalas wide awake that time.

  3. i tot the tasmania devil besar...kici pula tu...(sia tgk the wiggles ba, cz dr sna besar pula)...mcm tikus pula kan...

  4. Nice...wish to visit there someday..:)

  5. Gray...not really like tikus, more like a grown up cat actually. :)

    Stella...Amen to that :)

  6. Banyaknya cantik cantik gambar kau ambil. Tu Wombat bah, cute kan?.

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