Thursday, September 02, 2010

Ding dong!

Daisypath Vacation tickers

Tonight, we are gonna leave for Perth!!
Tonight, I'm gonna kiss the land of orang putih! Ha!

I'm still going to work today though. Our flight to KL isn't gonna be until 3pm. So yeah, I still have the time to say my holiday wishes to the colleagues and the kids. I've already packed everything so that I won't forget a bit of the important parts. Unlike the last time we went to KL.

For LJ, nah this one bag I bought recently so it will be easy for me to carry important things such as passport and money inside instead of carrying hand bag.

So yeah, will gone fishing for 11 days... in Perth!!!


  1. nice..have a nice travel yeah...and safe journey..

  2. hola Kay..

    opssss.. G'day mate! (^____^)
    activated ur Perth-mode.

    safe journey Kay.

    waaa.. dat bag. bkn Charles & Keith ka tu?
    nice. my sling bag.. d very d pinkish one.. hahhahah.

  3. hi mommiezie aka mummyzuan hehehe...ya thank you :)

    LJ...hahaha, masi di skul lagi ni, blm rasa tu Perth mode. Maybe nanti sudah smpai airport kali baru rasa...

    Nope, not C&K. Bought it at Esprit. Nokoontok sudah bah. Love at first sight. ^_^

  4. :D have a blast holiday ar :D hehehe...

  5. ooooo nice... have a wonderfull holiday!

  6. Happy Holidays Kay!!! Don't forget me hehehe.... Nanti kau balik kita yam cha ah..PROMISE!!

  7. sa mo ikuttttt!!! hehehe

    Have a pleasant and enjoyable flight to Perth :D

  8. Have a good trip Carol & hubby! Looking forward to plenty of pictures

  9. Hey all, thanks for the holiday wishes!

    Oct, tida lupa punya. Sudah masuk dlm list hehehe

  10. I can't wait to see your photos... ^_^


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