Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The search begins...

Wow! FOUR months since I last blog here.
Where have all my traveling ideas gone. I mean, I still haven't finish with my Perth stories but oh boy, how the lazy bugs really building kingdom in me. Ha!

Anyways, do you see my Travel Wish List on my sidebar? It says Korea on my first list, right? Well yes, Korea is definitely on my next travel destination (although any unplanned travel is mostly welcome). However, I will not be able to do the trip this year as some big event is happening in our family soon.


It's never too early to do research, right?

I am not keen for Winter travel. So does mom.
So, we decided for either Spring, Summer or Autumn trip. Mom wants to see flowers. Since Spring in Korea is around April-May and it is just after Winter and also, taking consideration my last trip to Perth where even in Spring the Winter chill still lingers, I decided on Autumn trip which starts from September.

For this trip, I plan to travel with a tour company. It's easier that way since mom has been traveling with tour company for as long as she could remember. Besides, I wouldn't want mom to feel tired because she have to carry her own luggage while struggling to hail taxi. Or to have headaches because we do not know what or where to eat while in Korea. Or to suffer bad hygiene hotel cos we do not know the reputation of that hotel.

I wouldn't mind all that hassle if I am traveling with the hubby. But not with mom. She deserves to have a relaxing and hassle-free trip. So yeah, traveling with tour company is the best bet.

So far, I've been checking on this tour company ; POPULAR EXPRESS Travel Sdn Bhd.
Do check the website out if you are residing in Sabah.
The package looks good and the pricing is good enough for my expectation. However, this is quotation for the year 2011. I hope it will not change much by next year.

Oh dear me, I can't wait!

P/S: I wasn't doing any sort of promotion for the company, if you ask. :)


  1. sia pun mo bikin tabung milo la ... baru buli jalan-jalan ambik angin luar negeri :)

  2. hehe tabung milo itu memang yg sebaiknya... kasi sedia beberapa tin dan kasi label hehe


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