Friday, July 22, 2011

Nom Nom in Perth

When we planned for this trip to Perth, one of the things I look forward to was the food. Western food is not new in Malaysia. But to have one that is authentic from the originating country (sort of), the thought excites my taste bud.

So here's the food we ate while in Perth...

First day:
Simple English breakfast at one of the small cafe inside Myer Hypermall, Perth CBD. This breakfast lasted me till 5pm!

Second day:

There is this cafe called Opal Cafe on a road side that we'd definitely passed by on the way to the CAT bus stop. It was our breakfast stopover for almost half of the mornings we were in Perth.

Egg and Bacon on toast.

At Cape Lavender Farm; Lavender infused scones. Honestly, this was my first bite on scones. ^__^

Our lunch during the wine tour at Edgecombe Brothers; the asparagus is home-grown and freshly picked daily. Perfect lunch with chilled white wine.

Next, we tasted their hand-crafted ice-cream served with muscat wine. Superb!

In the evening, upon returning to the city from the countryside, we stopped by at Han's Cafe to try out the Vietnam cuisine which hubby remembered was good. Well, not anymore. Or perhaps, the ones back home are much better.

Beef Noodle

Green Curry Chicken

Third Day:

Breakfast at Pallots Pies, an express cafe inside the train station.

In the evening, we had late lunch cum dinner at Ciccerello in Fremantle.

The famous Fish & Chips and must try Chilli Mussels. Yum-O!

Fourth Day:

Had Subway 6inches long sandwich for brunch but no photos of it. Boy, it was very filling. Lasted me till dinner.

Dinner at Fast Eddy's, an 24 hours American diner.

Chicken Teriyaki (hers) and Grilled Beef Ribs in BBQ Sauce (his).
belgian beer

After dinner, we went to Belgian Beer Cafe, a treat by our Sabahan friend, Timothy

Bommen and Granaten (Bom and Grenade), a Belgian handcrafted flat beer made by monks. The bottle's mouth is sealed with wax and it costs a whopping AUD60.00!! It tasted sweetish and it packs quite a punch (14% alcohol). My first time ever drinking flat beer (beer with no gas). Two glasses and that's enough to get me warm and funny.
beer with tim

Fifth Day:

Forgot what we ate for breakfast and lunch. Ha!

Dinner at Cafe Nocello in Murdoch.

Flat bread with condiments such as Italian sausage, prosciutto, smoked salmon, fetta cheese and olives.

Chilli Mussels serve with garlic bread. Two thumbs up!


Osso Bucco ala Milanese which means veal shanks serve with risotto.

Grilled Lamb Rum

Braised Beef Cheeks


Sixth Day


No photos of our dinner.

Yes, seriously. ^_^

Seventh Day

Must-try; Double Bacon Cheese Burger from Hungry Jackss a.k.a. Burger King

Eight Day

Breakfast at one of the express cafe at Allendale Square, St George's Terrace. Meat pie that is absolutely filling. In fact, most of my breakfast while in Perth are quite filling that they lasted till past lunch.


Final Day

Breakfast; Eggs Benedict at Opal Cafe

Indulging Gelare's gelato ice-cream.

Final dinner at Outback Jacks.

His; Grilled T-Bone with caramelized onions and mashed potato.

Hers; petite eye fillet coated in Jacks' own Aussie bbq seasoning, flamed grilled to perfection.

Brown Brothers Crouchen Riesling White wine to wrap our Perth trip.


  1. I do wish to travel all around the world, trying different kind of cuisine and non the less, the culture to experience. :)


  2. Hello Meitzeu!

    Oh wow, didnt expect anyone to drop by here since i have not been updating any in here. Thanks ya!

    It's exciting and an eye opener ya to experience and taste how different other country's food and culture are. I love that part too.

    Thanks you for dropping by again. Gee, I need to find something to fill up this blog again. :)


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