Friday, July 01, 2011

Sharing bed with pink paper daisies Kingspark Botanical Garden, Perth.

Hi people, thousand apology for long absence in this blog. Since i've been delaying my entries on our final days in Perth, I'm just gonna share with pictures with less yadda, yadda from me. :)

I've always wonder what it feels to lie down on the grass like those Mat Sallehs always do. Is the grass different that lying on it is some great things to do? One of the things I strike on my List To Do While In Perth was to do just that - lie on the grass, looking at the sun. Well, not much different about the grass. Just that, it sure didn't feel that irritating to lie on the grass under intense bright sun when the weather was quite cool and windy. Because all you want is to be under the sun! No wonder! 


Amazed with gigantic trees there...

Boab Tree at Kings Park
A 700+ y.o boab tree.

Kings Park Botanical Garden
Daisies everywhere!

So this is how it feels to share bed with the daisies...

Pink paper daisies
You get to see this lovely pinks amidst the blue sky....

The 'whispering wall' with Borneo written on it. You sit at one end, and let another person sit at the other end. Get your face closer to the wall and whisper slowly to it...say, I Love You...and you will definitely hear someone replying back to you the same thing...and the reply was from that other person from that other end! ^_^


More trees!

I know there's not much info (where, what, how) about getting to this place. This entry has long been in my draft. I will get back with details once I get my momentum back.


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